Lifetime Achievement Award Committee


The Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society of Christian Ethics will be given to recognize one member typically once a year for creative and lasting contributions to the field of Christian ethics.

The award will recognize outstanding, sustained, and substantive contributions of the recipient that have advanced the field of Christian ethics, taking into consideration the following factors: the quality and quantity of the recipient’s publications, scholarship that defines the issues Christian ethicists must address, influence within the field of Christian ethics as manifested in the work of the recipient’s students, and influence of the recipient’s scholarship in promoting the importance and relevance of Christian ethics for audiences beyond the discipline itself and beyond the academy.

Procedural details (approved and amendable by action of the SCE board):

  • In order to be eligible for the award a person should be or should have been a long time member of the Society of Christian Ethics.
  • The recipient shall be determined by a selection committee consisting of the immediate outgoing three Board members. The President shall publicly solicit nominations from the membership at the annual meeting and in the mailing that calls for proposals. The selection committee will submit its chosen recipient to the Executive Committee at its spring meeting for approval.
  • The selection will be announced at a brief ceremony just prior to the presidential address with the reading of a brief tribute honoring the recipient.
  • The recipient will receive a certificate and some appropriate object suitable for public display in her or his office or home.
  • Recipients will also receive a waiver for the registration fee and reimbursement for transportation and lodging for themselves and a guest to attend the annual meeting.
  • The SCE will create a fund for member donations to help provide financial support for the award.