Copyright and Permissions

Permission must be sought prior to copying or reprinting.  The Society of Christian Ethics owns the copyright to the JSCE. Person seeking permission needs to submit a request to the SCE. The Executive Administrator currently grants permission by sending a letter on letterhead after receiving the request which should be submitted on the form. Executive Administrator also tracks whether any payment is needed and forwards payment to article author if applicable.

 Course Packets:  The SCE requires no permission fee for including published articles in course packets.   The SCE does ask that that those reproducing articles for this purpose (1) indicate “reprinted by permission of the JSCE, [date]” on the first page of the reprinted article and (2) notify the SCE ( which article is being used and the name and level of the course.

 The fee normally charged for inclusion of an article in a published work is:

  • $100 per article if the Editor is not the author of the article.  Half of this fee ($50) will be forwarded to the author of the article if the author’s address is known.
  • No fee is charged if the Editor is the author of the article.

 An exception is made to this policy in cases that meet the following four criteria:

 The press/publisher who brings out the volume is also the press/publisher who brings out the JSCE.

  1. The copyright to the essay is presumptively or explicitly held either by that publisher or the SCE.
  2. The essays to be included in the volume are exclusively from the JSCE and/or the Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics.
  3. The editors of the volume are members of the SCE,

 In such exceptional cases, the Society will waive the $50 honorarium for the authors, so long as the press and editors agree to provide each contributor with (a) early notice of their intent to republish the essay and (b) at least one gratis copy of the published collection.  In addition, the editors and publisher should agree that if sales surpass a particular threshold (1,000 copies seems reasonable but the actual figure may need to be negotiated with the publisher), the press will, at that point, pay each of the authors the usual $50 honorarium.

Contact the SCE for more information or requests to reprint an essay.

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