Animal Ethics

Animal studies (sometimes called human-animal studies) is steadily gaining traction in the academy as scholars of all stripes are no longer bracketing the “question of the animal” in their research. Theologians, philosophers, ethicists, and other scholars of religion are accordingly rethinking the place of nonhuman animals in their theorizing and in their communities as they reflect on the extent of human obligations to other animals, among other questions.

Officially launched in 2016 after an exploratory meeting in 2015, the Animal Ethics Interest Group is open to members of the SCE, SJE, and SSME and has been interreligious in orientation and scope from its inception.  We meet to share our work with one another in the growing fields of “animal ethics” and “animals and religion,” to enhance our opportunities for collaboration, and to increase the visibility of and knowledge about animal ethics across our three societies.