The Society has a rich history of growing as its members have enlarged and diversified the focus of their work, and as new members, and new categories of members are attracted by such expanding conversations. You may read the history to gain a sense of how the identity of the Society has grown during its first half-century. You also may explore the following pages to view such items as past leadership including officers, charter members who acted on their common vision, or the timeline that marks the milestones of change and growth.  

Minutes of past annual business meetings:

Charter members:

Programs from past meetings, history of annual meeting themes, list of who has served on the Executive and Program Committees, history of interest/working and other groups:

History of those who have served on the editorial board of the  Annual/Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics:

History of nominations for SCE leadership as well as those who have served on the Nominations Committee:

SCE Timeline: