2020 Plenary Speakers and Global Scholar

AM Materials:

2020 SCE Plenary Speakers

Friday, January 10, 9-10:30am: "Vulnerable to Contingency"

James F. Keenan, S.J., is the Canisius Chair and Director of the Jesuit Institute at Boston College.  As the founder of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC), he chaired the international conferences in Padua (2006), Trento (2010) and Sarajevo (2018) as well as the regional ones in Nairobi, Berlin, Krakow, Bangalore and Bogota. He has edited or written 22 books and published over 400 essays, articles, and reviews. His most recent work is University Ethics: How Colleges Can Build and Benefit from a Culture of Ethics (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015) and presently he is editing two collections, one on the Conference at Sarajevo and the other on Street Homelessness.

Saturday, January 11, 9-10:30am: "Knowledge from the Marrow of Our Bones"

Emilie M. Townes, an American Baptist clergywoman, is the Dean and E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of Womanist Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University Divinity School.  She is the former Mellon Professor of African American Religion and Theology at Yale University Divinity School where she was the first African American and first woman to serve as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  In 2008, she became the first African American woman to serve as president of the American Academy of Religion and recently served as President of the Society for the Study of Black Religion. She has taught on the faculties of Union Theological Seminary, NY and Saint Paul School of Theology. She is the editor of two collections of essays and the author of four books including her groundbreaking book, Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil. Townes was elected a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2009.

SJE Plenary Speaker

Friday, January 10, 2-3:30pm: "Pedagogy and Christian Students: Anti-Judaism, Christian Privilege, Christian Fragility, and Theological Awareness"

Amy-Jill Levine is University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies and Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and Program in Jewish Studies. Her thirty books include The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish JesusShort Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi; four children's books (with Sandy Sasso); The Gospel of Luke(with Ben Witherington III); and The Jewish Annotated New Testament (co-edited with Marc Z. Brettler). She has given over 500 lectures on the Bible, Christian-Jewish relations, and Religion, Gender, and Sexuality. In 2019 she became the first Jew to teach New Testament at Rome's Pontifical Biblical Institute.  


2020 Global Scholar

Friday, January 10, 11am-12:30pm: "The Ethical Significance of Luther’s Reformation and His Social Ideas for the Korean Church and Society"

Saturday, January 11, 8-9:30pm: "An East-West Conversation on Homo Technicus and Religious Humanism: From AlphaGo to Avatar"

Dr. Myung Su Yang is a Professor of Christian Studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. The tentative title for his paper at the 2020 SCE meeting is “The Ethical Significance of Luther’s Reformation and His Social Ideas for the Korean Church and Society.” Dr. Yang earned his Ph.D. in ethics from University of Strasbourg (France) in 1991. He has published twelve books (written in Korean) and numerous academic journal articles and papers. He has also translated French philosophical texts (Paul Ricoeur, Emmanuel Levinas, Jaques Ellul, Teilhard de Chardin, and Gabriel Vahanian) into Korean. He has delivered various lectures in international conferences including Japan and Switzerland. Dr. Yang is best known in Korea for his significant scholarly contribution to the interdisciplinary studies between Western Christian thoughts and Eastern philosophical ideas. His 2012 book From Morality to Life: Western Christian Humanism and East Asian Naturalistic Humanism was widely acclaimed in South Korea receiving the outstanding book award given by the National Academy of Sciences. In 2018, he also received the Ewha Academic Award for his distinguished contribution to Korean academic development with outstanding research achievements.

If you are interested in having Dr. Yang speak at your institution, please contact his SCE host, Ilsup Ahn, at iahn@northpark.edu or 773-244-5517.