Pre-Conference: Ecojustice Tour and Presentations

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AM Materials:

Thursday, January 3, 2019  |  1:00 – 6:30 p.m.


Sponsored by:

Climate Justice Interest Group

Environmental Ethics & Theology Interest Group

Fieldwork and Ethics Interest Group




REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   December 10, 2018. 

If the number of registrations does not cover the tour costs by December 10th, the tour will be canceled.


Part I – Ecojustice Tour

1:00 – 1:30 Introductory Presentation at Downtown Marriott, Rose Room (2nd floor) by Tim Darst the Earth & Spirit Center’s Associate Program Director, who has a sustainability degree from Harvard

Tim Darst will introduce participants to the ecojustice sites in the Louisville area, and to sites where innovative sustainable technologies and practices provide great hope for a brighter ecological future.

1:30 – 4:00 Ecojustice Tour

   Bus Departs from the Downtown Marriott Hotel, 2nd Street entrance

   Tour Lecture will be presented by Tim Darst.  We will visit sites such as:

  •   Lees Lane Superfund landfill
  • St. Dennis School low-income housing with solar water heaters
  • Heaven Hill Distillery failed site for bio-digesters in low-income neighborhood
  • The Table restaurant with optional payment for low income and locally sourced food
  • Louisville Grows Healthy House demonstration home for sustainable solutions

Part II – Presentations: The Passionist Earth and Spirit Center | 1924 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

4:00 – 4:30 Arrive at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center – Refreshment Break

4:30 – 5:15 Presentation: Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, Lexington Theology Seminary

Leah Schade will share her experiences as building alliances with secular environmentalists around the shared concerns of natural lands preservation, urban arboreal health, and climate change in central Kentucky. She will also preview a service-learning course she will be co-leading at Lexington Theological Seminary to address mountain-top removal in Appalachia from the perspective of Christian ethics and toward the goal of integrating the experience into liturgical and homiletical frameworks.

5:15 – 5:40 Presentation: Tim Darst, Passionist Earth & Spirit Center

Tim Darst will give a presentation on what advocacy groups are working on in Louisville and Kentucky. He will cover briefly some of the bills that are expected to arise in Kentucky’s General Assembly that started its session on the preceding day. He will also talk about what Kentucky faith communities are doing in response to the pressing environmental issues in this coal state

5:40 – 6:00 Response: SCE Interest Group Members

6:00 – 6:30 Return to Downtown Marriott by 6:30 p.m.