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Friday, 5 July, 2019 - 00:00

We want to call your attention to our posting of a new Treasurer's position that is occasioned by Patrick Flanagan's term coming to an end this January.  We are VERY grateful for Patrick's wonderful tenure with us. 

Inasmuch as the new management company will be assuming a variety of services, including those related to the treasurer's, the new position is fundamentally to oversee, assess and make recommendations regarding our investments and the financial services provided by our management company. 

We hope that if you are interested that you send me ( a letter of application describing your competency and attaching your CV.  Similarly, we hope that those who know of qualified members will prompt such colleagues to apply.

We would like to have all applications by July 5th. 

The search committee is Darlene Weaver, Harlan Beckley, Ramon Luzarraga, and me, and we hope to interview candidates through July.  We also hope to have the position filled by September.

If you have any questions, please contact me.  The position is posted below.

All the best,


James F. Keenan, S.J.

Canisius Professor, Director of Jesuit Institute

Director, Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

Theology Department, Boston College

140 Commonwealth Avenue

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467



Office of Treasurer 

Position Description:

The Society of Christian Ethics seeks a Treasurer to oversee, assess and make recommendations to the Presidential Cabinet and Board of Directors about its financial investments and long-term financial planning (paying special attention to maintaining an investment portfolio consistent with the investment values articulated by the Board of the Society), as well as oversee, assess and make recommendations about the accounting, investment and budget services provided by the Society's management company.  Qualified applicants should have experience in institutional financial management and should demonstrate good collaborative skills. Contingent upon the annual recommendation of the Personnel Committee, the Treasurer would normally serve a four-year, renewable term of office. In return for these services, the Society will provide the Treasurer transportation to and accommodation at the conference site from the Board of Director’s opening meeting to the conclusion of the annual conference. Any additional travel costs preapproved by the Cabinet that are incurred by the Treasurer on SCE business (e.g., travel to meet with management) would also be borne by the SCE.

Duties and Powers:
1. In the Fall, and as necessary, the Treasurer in consultation with management shall review and assess the Society's investments and make recommendations to the Presidential Cabinet and Board’s Finance and Long-term Planning Committee (hereafter FLTP).   
2. The Treasurer shall oversee the preparation and filing of various financial reports and documents required by the State of Tennessee, the Internal Revenue Service, and other government agencies, whether these documents are prepared by management (as would be the 1099s) or by the independent accountant who reviews/audits the Society’s financial records (as would be the 990 filing.)  
3. At the Society’s annual meeting, the Treasurer shall participate in both Board of Directors’ meetings and the annual business meeting. The Treasurer shall present the financial position of the Society to the Board and Society members at those times. 
4. The Treasurer shall be available for consultation with management, the Cabinet and (as needed) various committees of the Board. This would likely include such things as: (1) participating in the FLTP Committee's annual review in November of (a) the funding requests associated with SCE strategic initiatives and (b) its review of management's proposed budget for the next fiscal year, including the adequacy of our current membership dues structure; and (2) offering an assessment to the Personnel Committee of the financial services offered to the Society by management.