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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 

Volume 38, Number 2

Fall/Winter 2018



Selected Essays

David Gushee, “Christian Ethics: Retrospect and Prospect”

Ki Joo Choi, “Theological Ethics in an Asian American Key: The State of the Discipline”

Eboni Marshall Turman and Reggie Williams, “The ‘State of the Question’ in African American Ethics”

Ruben Rosario Rodriquez, “US Latino/a Contributions to the Field: Retrospect and Prospect”

Janna Hunter-Bowman, “Alternatives to the Systemic, Political, and Agential Inadequacies of Past Theology of Non-violent Peacebuilding Efforts”

Susan Ross, “Women Religious as Aesthetic and Moral Educators”

David Lantigua, “Liberal Domination, Individual Rights, and the Theological Option for the Poor in History”

Brett McCarty, “Medicine as Just War?: The Legacy of James Childress in Christian Ethics”

Matthew Elia, “Ethics in the Afterlife of Slavery: Whiteness, Augustine, and the Problem of the Master”

M. Therese Lysaught, “A Social Praxis for US Healthcare: Revisaging Catholic Bioethics Via Catholic Social Thought”

Nathaniel Van Yperen, “Nature Elicits Piety: Assessing James Gustafson’s Legacy for Christian Ecological Ethics”


Book Reviews

Bowlin, John, Tolerance Among the Virtues

Cahill, Lisa, Global Justice, Christology, and Christian Ethics

De La Torre, Miguel, Liberating Sexuality

Floyd-Thomas, Juan M., Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Mark G. Toulouse, The Altars Where We Worship: The Religious Significance of Popular Culture

Guth, Karen, Christian Ethics at the Boundary

Hare, John, God’s Command

Hart, John, ed., Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Ecology

Kaveny, Cathleen, A Culture of Engagement

Laffin, Michael Richard, The Promise of Martin Luther’s Political Theology



Lewis, Paul, Wisdom Calls: The Moral Story of the Hebrew Bible

Martens, Paul, Reading Kierkegaard

Mattison, William, The Sermon on the Mount and Moral Theology: A Virtue Perspective

Merkle, Judith A., Beyond Our Lights and Shadows: Charism and Institution in the Church

Rodriguez, Ruben Rosario, Christian Martyrdom and Political Violence

Schuck, Michael J. and John Crowley-Buck, eds., Democracy, Culture, Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents

Simmons, Frederic and Brian Sorrells, eds., Love and Christian Ethics: Tradition, Theory, and Society

Tuininga, Matthew, Calvin’s Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church

Waters, Brent, Just Capitalism: A Christian Ethic of Economic Globalization

Weber, Theodore, War, Peace, and Reconciliation