Subscriptions to and Advertising in the JSCE

Q. How can I get a subscription to the JSCE or order a particular issue?
A. Every member in good standing of the Society of Christian Ethics and of the Society of Jewish Ethics receives a subscription to the JSCE. As each new issue is published, copies are sent to all members of record, that is, to all those members whose dues are current and who are on the active member mailing list. A member who misses an issue because his or her name is not on the active member mailing list can purchase back issues through the Hopkins Fulfillment Center. Similarly, non-members may place standing orders for the JSCE through the Hopkins Fulfillment Center. The Hopkins Fulfillment Center can be contacted by telephone 1-800-537-5487 or fax 1-410-516-6998.

Q. What does it mean to have the JSCE included in the ATLAS database?
A. It means that any library that subscribes to ATLAS has online access to full text articles from the JSCE. An issue must have been in print for one year before articles are available online. All volumes from 1981 to 2004 are available through ATLAS. (This includes issues of The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics.)At present every time you or your students access a JSCE text through ATLAS, the SCE receives a small fee. (So, post those links on your syllabi and Blackboard etc!)

Q. When are issues of the JSCE available?
A. When all goes well, the Fall/Winter issue of the JSCE is mailed from the printer to the membership and to the subscribing libraries in late November or early December of the same year in which the papers are presented at the SCE meeting; the Spring/Summer issue is mailed in late June or early July of the following year.

Q. What audience does the JSCE reach?
A. The JSCE is mailed directly to the approximately 850 members of the Society of Christian Ethics. Approximately 200 institutions, a number that we are energetically endeavoring to increase, have standing orders for the JSCE. Additional orders for the JSCE are placed with Georgetown University Press. Articles in the JSCE are indexed by Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Current Contents/Arts & Humanities, and Research Alert (all published by the Institute for Scientific Information); Ethics Index (from the American Theological Library Association); The Philosopher’s Index; Religion Index Two; and Religious and Theological Abstracts. The JSCE is included in the ATLAS database; soon, all back issues of JSCE/Annual will be available online.

Q. What kind of advertisements may be placed in the JSCE?
A. Advertisements for books, graduate programs, and conferences of interest to the membership are accepted.

Q. How do I place an advertisement in the JSCE?
A. You may reserve advertisement space by contacting Linda Schreiber, Executive Administrator, Society of Christian Ethics, PO Box 5126, St. Cloud MN  56302-5126; tel: 320-253-5407, fax: 320-252-6984. You may also contact her via the website.  March 1st is the due date for the spring issue, usually distributed in July. September 1 is the due date for the fall issue, usually distributed in December.

Q. What does an advertisement cost?
A. All advertisements are located after the book review section of the journal. Costs may vary with the size of the ad, for example, a full page costs $400 per issue.

Q. Once I have reserved space, where do I send the copy for the advertisement? What are the design specifications?
A. Send your copy for the advertisement to Linda Schreiber at the SCE office. Mechanical specifications: 5" x 7" (full page). Requirements: film negative, right-reading, emulsion-side down, 133-line screen. Mechanicals cannot be returned. Black and white only. Ads may be sent by email in a pdf file with the resolution at 300 dpi.