Articles VI-VIII: Board of Directors, Committees


Board of Directors

Section 1. Membership

The Board of Directors shall consist of the following voting members: the Presidential Cabinet (President, the President Elect, the Vice President, the Past President), the Editor or Co-editors of the Journal, twelve (12) other full members elected by majority vote of the members present and voting at the Annual Meeting in classes of three for terms of four years. The Board of Directors shall ensure representation of student members of the Society in Board discussions.  Such members shall have voice but no vote. The Treasurer attends all Board meetings with voice but no vote.  A Director elected at the Annual Meeting may be elected to another term, but only after an interval of at least one year. The Board of Directors shall meet during the twenty-four hours prior to the Annual Meeting of the Society, and at such other times as the President shall convene them. The Board of Directors shall have power to act on all matters concerning the activities and business of the Society, shall authorize the expenditure of the Society's funds and provide for the proper auditing of its accounts, and shall have the power to act for the Society in all matters of policy and program between Annual Meetings. It shall present to the Annual Meeting a report of its actions, which report shall be subject to approval of the members present. Seven of the members shall constitute a quorum for the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, consisting of the Presidential Cabinet and at least two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President. The Executive Committee shall meet annually in the spring to conduct the important business of the Society and shall otherwise advise the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Executive Committee shall have power to act, if necessary, for the Board of Directors between its meetings.  A quorum of the Executive Committee, defined as a simple majority of the appointed committee, is necessary for votes.



Section 1. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and shall include four other members of the Society who are not members of the current Board of Directors but are present at the Annual Meeting at which their appointment is announced. The Nominating Committee shall present to the membership at the subsequent Annual Meeting nominations to fill expiring terms and vacancies. Nominations for any office may also be made from the floor, provided those making nominations have secured the person's consent to be nominated.

The Nominating Committee shall oversee the election at the annual meeting, shall be responsible for counting the ballots, shall keep the ballots for a period of one year, and shall certify the legitimacy of the election.

Section 2. Program Committee

The Program Committee shall have authority to determine the content of the program of the SCE Annual Meeting, with the exception of the SCE plenary speakers and conference theme, which shall be chosen by the President.  The Program Committee shall be chaired by the President and shall include the Presidential Cabinet (ex officio with voice and with vote) and one member (not necessarily a member of the Board) appointed by the president for that year only. The Program Committee shall also include the Editor or co-editors (ex officio with voice and with vote) and at least three additional members appointed by the President from the elected members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors or, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Program Committee itself, shall have the authority to include more participants in the selection process, provided that (1) the additional members be restricted to preliminary electronic voting only, (2) the additional members and the terms of their appointment shall be communicated to the membership as a whole, and (3) no less than 60 percent of the votes deciding the content of the program shall be cast by representatives elected directly by the membership as a whole.  Weighted voting may be used.

Section 3. Other Committees

The President may appoint such other committees as are necessary or useful to conducting the work of the society.