Finance and Long-Term Planning Committee

The Finance and Long-Term Planning Committee, consisting of the President Elect,  Treasurer, Executive Administrator and  appointed Board members, prepares the annual budget, makes budget forecasts, and oversees the finances of the Society.

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Aana Marie Vigen
Loyola University Chicago
Associate Professor of Ethics


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Lincoln R. Rice
Marquette University
Co-Chair and President-Elect:
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James F. Keenan
Boston College
Ramon Luzarraga's picture
Ramon Luzarraga
Benedictine University, Arizona
Assistant Professor, Dept. Chair


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David M. Cloutier
Catholic University of America
Associate Professor


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Melissa Snarr
Vanderbilt University
Asst. Professor of Ethics & Society


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Nikia Robert
Claremont School of Theology
PhD Student

 (Student 2021)

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Andrea Taylor
Talley Management Group
Executive Director