Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, consists of the Presidential Cabinet and at least two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President. The Executive Committee shall meet annually in the spring to conduct the important business of the Society and shall otherwise advise the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Executive Committee shall have power to act, if necessary, for the Board of Directors between its meetings.  A quorum of the Executive Committee, defined as a simple majority of the appointed committee, is necessary for votes.

Past President:
dianeyeager's picture
Diane M. Yeager
Georgetown University
Associate Professor
Patricia Jung's picture
Patricia Beattie Jung
President Elect:
Jennifer Herdt's picture
Jennifer A. Herdt
Yale Divinity School
Associate Professor of Theology
Vice President:
JamesKeenan's picture
James F. Keenan
Boston College
KevinCarnahan's picture
Kevin M. Carnahan
Central Methodist University
Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Scott Paeth's picture
Scott Ronald Paeth
DePaul University
Professor of Religious Studies
MT Davila's picture
Maria Teresa Davila
Merrimack College
Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics
Bryan Massingale's picture
Bryan N. Massingale
Fordham University
Associate Professor of Moral Theology
ChristianaPeppard's picture
Christiana Zenner
Fordham University
Assistant Professor of Theology and Science
PatrickFlanagan's picture
Patrick Sean Flanagan
St. John's University
Assistant Professor
Executive Administrator: Ex officio
Linda Schreiber's picture
Linda D. Schreiber
Society of Christian Ethics
Executive Administrator